Month: February 2019
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Are Contractors Required to Submit Injury data to OSHA?
Yes, if your construction company employs at least 20 employees.  This new legal obligation was added to contractors several years ago.   OSHA implemented the new recordkeeping rule to require specific employers (including construction contractors) to electronically submit to OSHA information from its OSHA 300A form (Summary of Work-Related...
Employee Engagement for Small Business
There are some occupations  — astronaut, surgeon, or prima ballerina, for example —  in which people rarely succeed without being rocket-fueled by commitment and passion … and it is unlikely that their employers spend much time worrying about their level of “engagement.”  But I think it is probably safe to say that most...
Need on-going HR support?
We have affordable HR retainers that offer a unique alternative to full HR outsourcing or the hiring of a full time HR employee. We design unique solutions to match your business strategy and budget. We have a proven track record of helping companies from many industries. We listen and probe to understand your needs and goals, before we offer recommendations and realistic solutions.
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