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DOL Says Tip Pools Can Include Cooks and Dishwashers
The Trump Administration continues to review policies and guidelines issued under the Obama Administration.  Restaurant and hospitality employers will recall that the Obama DOL imposed new regulations that restricted tip pooling (the 2012 field bulletin guidance is rescinded).  In April, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) released updated guidanc...
Is a Company required to pay employees for weather closings?
Last Saturday and Sunday, Hurricane Irma stormed its way across Florida closing businesses, forcing evacuations and crashing power lines. Almost all businesses were closed Friday through Tuesday, and some even longer if power was lost. What are the rules for paying employees when a company is forced to close due to severe weather? The answer......
Improper uniform deductions, tip sharing and unpaid OT at Metro Diner
An investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division’s Jacksonville District Office found that Windy City Doc Holding LLC, doing business as Metro Diner, violated minimum wage and overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.  The Wage and Hour complaint identified three violations.  First, Metro Diner made imprope...
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