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Who’s telling the Truth in “He said, She said” Harassment Complaints
In many harassment complaint cases, there are no witnesses and an investigator is left with the statements of harassment from the complainant and the denial from the alleged harasser. When there are conflicting versions of events, an investigator must review relevant factors to help determine who may be telling the truth. It is important for......
How to Investigate a Sexual Harassment Complaint
With the ever-expanding news of sexual harassment complaints against Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and other Hollywood “A” listers, there is a national spotlight on harassment. If an allegation of harassment occurs at your organization, are you prepared to respond quickly and competently? First, almost every company should have a writt...
Can HR use hidden surveillance on employees to catch misconduct?
Attention business owners and HR pros – if you are trying to gather evidence of employee misconduct be sure you know the wiretapping laws.  On January 22, 2016 a Massachusetts district court found probable cause that 3 human resources employees, including the HR Manager, committed unlawful wiretapping of an employee.    According to a report ...
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