Medical Marijuana
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How will your drug testing lab handle medical marijuana results?
Now that medical marijuana is legal in Florida, there is a good chance that your company will have an applicant or employee test positive for marijuana, and then present proof that they have a valid registration with the Office of Medical Marijuana. Is that drug test reported as positive or negative by your testing lab? ......
Highlights of the new Florida rules for Medical Marijuana
TALLAHASSEE, FL – On Friday, June 23, Governor Rick Scott signed into law a broader medical marijuana system for the state of Florida.  Lawmakers had been unable to pass the measure in the regular session, so it passed the new law (SB 8A) in a special session.  Before the ink is dry, there are several lawsuits......
Florida publishes new rules for Medical Marijuana
Tallahassee – The implementation of the Constitutional amendment passed by Florida voters in November is moving rapidly.  The Office of Compassionate Use (part of the Florida Department of Health) published a notice of Rule Development on January 17, 2017.  The proposed rule expands the Office of Compassionate Use’s (OCU) regulation o...
Medical Marijuana in Florida: A Summary for Employers and Employees
Tallahassee, FL (January 3, 2017) –  Now that Florida voters have approved Amendment 2, the constitutional amendment allowing the use of medical marijuana, there are many changes coming to Florida.  In the next few years, I predict there will be more medical conditions approved, more doctors prescribing, more cannabis use and more approved...
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